A little about me and my business...

Hi! And welcome to my business! Thank you for taking the time to take a wander through my website. For those that don't know me, my name is Maisie and Im a 21 year old young entrepreneur.

Cloth'N'Card is my first step after finishing uni. I went to university for 3 years to study Computer Science and actually thoroughly enjoyed it.Most people tend to have an unexpected reaction when they discover I code, more so because its a largely male dominated industry but also because I don't tend to appear as the stereotypical 'nerd' that is often synonymous with someone who enjoys computer science. In all honestly, if it wasn't for me finding CC then I would have searched for a job in the software industry.

I decided that I would travel once I finished my course and spent 3 months travelling Australia, parts of Europe, America and even South Korea with my partner. CC was ideal for my first year post uni as it allowed me to earn money and take the time off to travel whenever need be. After I returned from my travels I continued taking on orders and told myself Id make a decision by September. Come August I was committed to taking this full time. 

I absolutely love this business and how it really lets me explore my creative side. Before CC I had multiple smaller side hustles from the age of 12 going to boot fairs, reselling on ebay, buying clothes in bulk to resell, my own framed print designs and custom vans trainers. I adore that it's the perfect balance between fashion, creativity and also a tiny bit of engineering. 

As of summer 2023, I am working directly from my bedroom. I am not yet at the financial stage to afford a larger storage/work area, however one day this is the goal! Due to this it means I have a very very very very small space to keep stock in advance to sales. This means I tend to mainly focus on 'order to order' stock control - I only order the stock as customers order the item. Some of my most popular items I do try to keep extra to hand. 

I have so many wild crazy big ideas for my business but don't seem to have enough time in the day! I am currently making and packaging orders as well as the admin emails etc. I am also trying to boost my content on instagram and tik tok!